The Arrow and the Song

A lyrical suite with a touch of jazz and gospel. Mixed Choir, sax, piano, bass and percussion.

In 1845 the American poet Henry Longfellow wrote the beautiful poem, The Arrow and the Song.

Both the arrow and the song that he sends into the world are symbols of life and its passage, with its faith in the future, its hopes and dreams, but also its insecurities. What happens to these on the road – and where they end up – is one of life’s great questions.

As can be seen from the sub-title: “A lyrical suite with a touch of jazz and gospel” the music moves through several styles. There are gentle, singable themes, - ringing classical choral movements, - jazzy choral riffs, - improvisations, as well as elements of latin, pop and gospel.

The CD-recording  presents some of the most talented Danish jazz musicians and a choir and a soloist who master both the rhythmic and classical forms.

Cantando Musikkforlag AS