Psalm 151

Psalm 151  Solo-violin and mixed choir (SSAATTBB).  

Lyrics: Edward Broadbridge.

Writing a piece for solo-violin and mixed choir! A real challenge with two such different players. But the challenge turned into an inspiration when together with the lyricist Edward Broadbridge, I decided on the programme for the piece.

The violin (God’s voice) transmits thoughts of love and music to humanity (the choir). That the violin should represent God in this context was no problem for me. This divine instrument has a broad palette of expressions, from a warm and charming tone to an icecold, clear one – and from yearning to hope. The most intricate and equilibristic phrases can be played on the violin, so different styles such as classical, jazz, pop and folk suit the instrument perfectly – and indeed are all represented side by side in Psalm 151.

In the foreword of the printed score (Carus 10.113) you can find a more detailed description of the technique I have used  in order to amalgamate these two disparate players in a natural, musical way.

Available on CD with the Orpheus Vokalensemble and Ida Bieler, violin, conducted by Michael Alber.

Carus 83.481

 Psalm 151