Easter music for mixed choir, soloist, electric piano, alto sax, bass and percussion.

Lyrics: Edward Broadbridge

Hope – an Overview

The Wonder expresses the extraordinary essence of the Christian faith: that God became human in his son Jesus, who died to show humanity how to live and to love. This is ‘the caring core of hope’, yet still we cannot grasp the impact of his life. Even The Source of our being remains a mystery to us. When Moses asks God for his name, God answers, “I am who I am”. Being human, Jesus must suffer the ultimate humiliation of crucifixion. In the garden of Gethsemane he faces his own despair; his only hope now is in his father’s love, but The Nails of Death drive even that hope to despair in Jesus’ ultimate cry of abandonment. Even he was not sure that God’s plan was to vindicate love. But When God Raised the Dead, he made love our daily bread; and he left angels to watch, for The Grave is Empty. The two women who come At Break of Day to care for the body have no hope. Within a moment they come to believe in the resurrection – with One Faith, One Hope.



  1. The Wonder
  2. The Source
  3. Gethsemane
  4. The nails of Death
  5. When God raised the Dead
  6. The Grave is Empty
  7. At Break of Day
  8. One Faith, one Hope