Easter music for choir, soloist, church organ, el-piano, alto sax, bass and percussion.

Lyrics: Edward Broadbridge

”HOPE” is intended to be performed by a choir of upper voices, such as a school choir or a church choir in which the menbers are aged 11-12 and over. As the words are not restricted to this age group, a choir of adults female voices could also be used.

The best result will be achieved by a choir which can sing in both ”classical” and ”popular” styles, varying as the music changes character.

For reasons of balance and style the soloist should use a microphone.

”HOPE” should always be performed with the original instrumentation: Alto-sax, pipe organ, electric piano, double bass and percussion. When individual movements are performed, or where resources are limited, the piano part from the vocal score may be used as the accompaniment. This will, however, be a less satisfactory alternative, the contrast between the organ and the other instruments being an important element in the work.

In churches, where the organ is often situated some distance from the choir and the other instruments, problems of ensemble can occur. In such cases a digital organ, placed among the other instruments, may be a satisfactory alternative. Modern digital organs are of such quality that only organnists can hear the difference. The sacrifice of the pipe organ from the performance would be compensated for by the advantages of a rhythmically co-ordinated performance.



  1. The Wonder
  2. The Source
  3. Gethsemane
  4. The nails of Death
  5. When God raised the Dead
  6. The Grave is Empty
  7. At Break of Day
  8. One Faith, one Hope